Rosace Publications, 1977

The Thing In Packy Innard's Place

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“The Thing In Packy Innard's Place was the last mature achievement that David lived to complete . . . He had language crackling through his cortex, and shimmering from his fingertips like a St. Elmo's fire of the soul. He occupied Poet. By the time he wrote The Thing in Packy Innard's Place, his poems had become transmogrified into paragraphs, but his paragraphs can hardly be regarded as prose. Meter there was truly his march to a different drummer.”

— Dion Wright

The Thing In Packy Innard's Place certainly has a place among experimental, avant-garde writings both for his evident broad acquaintance with various contemporary, at the time, cultural nuances and events, as well as his embrace of literally funky world spaces. I can dig from that read why he would have admired Lamantia because there is more than a trace of neo-surrealistic prose to find in his made language.”

— Gerd Stern