Heart Food, Judee Sill (LP, Asylum, 1973)

Dreams Come True, Judee Sill

(2CD, Water Records, 2005)

Singer/songwriter Judee Sill passed away in 1979 before she completed her third album. The eight songs that were to comprise that album are included here, freshly mixed by producer Jim O'Rourke (Wilco, Sonic Youth).

This two disc set also includes many Sill rarities from the '60s and '70s, including a 12 minute five song live video clip on enhanced CD. Super deluxe packaging featuring a 72 page booklet, which entails various entries from David Omer Bearden sharing his memories about Judee Sill.

"Sill was a genius and we sort of thought of ourselves as genderless angels that had a message for the world... She was convinced that she was a genderless angel with a message and a cross to bear and she called us "donors" because she said I had the same karma or similar karma. Our theme of our courtship and marriage was that I brought her woman to bloom."

— David Omer Bearden

Track Listings:

Disc 1

01. That's The Spirit
02. I'm Over
03. Apocalypse Express
04. The Living End
05. Things Are Lookin' Up
06. The good Ship Omega
07. Last Resort
08. Till Dreams Come True
09. Living End*
10. I'm Over
11. Till Dreams Come True

Disc 2

01. Dead Time Bummer Blues
02. Sunnyside Up Luck
03. Emerald River Dance
04. Waterfall
05. North Country
06. Farmers Daughter - The Chicken Is In The Garden
07. The Wreck of the FFV - Fast Flying Vestibule
08. 500 Miles
09. Oh boy The Magician

* The Living End

Verse written by David Omer Bearden

Once I stood apart & alone
Under the daytime moon,
Looking way down
into the sky.
Was it just my screaming white bones,
Or Gabriel’s clarion horn,
Open & undenied?

* * *