Deep Abyssal Breeze

Why did I have to see something? << Cur aliquid vidi?>> At the vitreous china shrine of St.Vomitus. Dustan, - light-house keepers. Loud red radio dressing down dot matrix rainbow. St. Clout put me out. Moira Longueurs. Wavo. Cachectic bruxism. Bryology. I bring not peace, but a sore head; - Going around kicking it all goodbye. I honor Elvis most for shooting the T.V. Now I am Starcad, a dolphine who inexplicably beached himself, & died hideously. Nature abhors a vacuous bum wandering in a wild & empty paradise. Fictile circuitry electric with the insidious, low-level mutagen of contempt. Mathew 25:29. The light of understanding has made me very discreet. Dead pupils of the mad space squatter. The rain can make all places strange, even places where you live. Hopeful monster annointed with oil of ouster, with cassegrain focus, cables running away through quantum goo of possibility. Crystal feet. Matter of Time exiled under cream of moon; heard about it punctuated in popping gum from Franzine the manicurist. The cormorant & the minnow troat to a buck. Circus Cyaneus. Whom the powers that be wish to make a pigeon out of, they first render good & paranoid. Moth-eaten glories of commissariat of corn. Lune looks distraced, her mysterious mind on mysteries over Saturn circle off of Erebus way. A Christmas suicide gave it to the snow. To honey, salt & slaves, to magrove oysters & marsh clams, to iguanas & their et eggs, to gar, snook, porgy, catfish & peccary. Apparition of the absent hurt a fly. Cacao, Jupitar, & some local star. Guided by the North Star, under protection of the black gods. Doubtful dare against the chaos of things. Hart Crane’s dad invented Lifesavers. He hurt a fly. I made a face. The loathly god, the free sleep, the ash pigeon. The dumb girl of Porticci. She’s gone missing. They close their minds as we in Magonia close our eyes. Witness reluctance factor. Open research is now imperative on all aspects. No back trail, no track record, no provenance. Keepers of the waters most sweet weeping. Wrath of affection for my native shires. Kelled so much time in the movies. A navigational chart showing only ocean. Poppling water. Terrible clock of rain, redeem him from the desert of empty illusion, & interpolate him into the real, one hour before he floats. Jellyfish washed up on the beach, tremble in the favonian breeze off the sea. Penguins fly in their sleep. A lifer with iodine eyes. The dust in his car. The stars are blinking at the discomfiture of the purple loosestrife. I have a little spanish & less kangaroo. I loved her; it was dark, & the fire gave us feral eyes. It gave me Hölderlin’s heart, Kafka’s lungs, or Yul Brynner’s, Lawerence’s cock, Mozart’s kidneys, Hemingway’s mahoga ny liver, Villon’s opacine testicles Bogart’s weasand & frown, Bauldelair’s gall bladder, Bukowski’s lower intestine, Rimbaud’s anus & knee, Corso’s nose, Beckett’s red red rat eyes, Van Gogh’s tufted tragus, Bearden’s tongue of pain, Spleen of Céline, porpoise mouth, with tuned & shining clitoris, of Edna St. Vincent Millay.

Rainer R. Tourbilliion, immune to social suasion. Iconographic representation of a beautiful woman safely dead. In-tangible tentacles up from squid row. Starry hope finished out of the money. His show was a turkey & closed out of town. Policemen with shotguns shuck their pumps. A cayuse wind blowing up off the glittering dust of snow. Sparkler & geyser. Fuck that wholly musky okie with the burning down John Wayne jones. Maya kites. The going under of the evening land. Get out of those wet clothes. Ditch that wooden rose. Night caves in on the town. Cool water flows through eternal shade. In the ninth malbowge of nether Hell. In the dark watches. Making the green one red. No sweet chariot to park in the drive? Sun flashed down the powerlines. The limehouse kid, going the way the rest of them did. The standing stones of Henge, roofed by the changeful sea. Specifics roar, bringing in the rain. Pit at the center of the foliate iris. Flesh & cheese & body hair. Lemon demon in a black sedan. Spooky action at a distance. The first chordates in the streets. Insolent song of a clinker. The earth revolves around the sun. The anchor chain winds around the windlass. The moon tugs at the sea. Nets of flowering vines enclose the ancient pyramids. All time not spent in sleep is wasted. He had a few drinks for thirty years. Executed by the strong stomachs. Dante Gabriel Rossetti beats Fanny Cornforth with a gin bottle atop the Golden Howe. Waters of sour milk gill. Port & nuts. Oversized china dalmatians in yellow metal shoes. Warrior’s weeds on a half forgotten shore. Where Descartes never arrived. $ in the hamburger sparkasse. Against a postmodern sunset, a myoclonic jerk, gaudy & sublime. World full of abandoned meanings. Ace Morose posted a fix to the flaw, & died after a hip operation. The virus that ate the internet. Periods of rain & drivel. Only the sea lion can match, & indeed surpass, the human sense of balance. Ventrally located pussy. Snow-grooming machines, dog mushing, during extended period of plasticity. No. Defense cuts. Damned rivers. Mock Duck. Claterynge of choughs, fluid, random, vast & void. Fat white carnation bright moon. Light sunlit rain. Sok. Coma superclusters, chains, walls, & voids. Nazi occupied Norway at the north of your mind, white as this paper beneath these rows of flies. Red hot follies. Earnest sorrow, uncanny repose. Dusty window that features a bullet star. His was an unfortified sensibility, & he did not lack natural joy. Dove hole. Law of levity for the carrion nurse. Venus frenched the moon, & loofahed her stretchmarks. His special case rendered other men’s codes of conduct irrelevant. Waters that reflect the dogrib people’s brief spell of being. Sometimes too hot the eye of heaven shines on the crucifixion & the bewilderment beyond. Faint pastel choral harmonies of the like Fred Waring’s Pennsylvanians seem to breathe through the clouds. Flowery scrolls, presumably representing blood. Check the occipital condyles. Weeping primate with grief muscles & butcher milk. Suids. The swine flew. Sensational new bone!

* * *