Published in The Villager, Undated

Published in The Villager, Undated

Blood Meridian or,
The Evening Redness in the West A Ballad

Farewell my portrait of the Prima Vera,
goodbye my smoky star,
adios indelible picture
so long my heart's desire.

For the mirror empties into morning,
and the clouds leak glittering snow,
and the dark bright light torments me,
as the sun is sinking low.

Yes the sky tortures me sweetly
as the cows are walking home,
and the swallows are returning,
and arrives the fiery gloam.

No woman can release me
so my shiny craft can leave,
and the gnarled moon ignores me
as they're bringing in the sheaves.

O leafy path through the Prima Vera
beneath a high green star,
be quenched in oblivious music,
so long my lute and lyre.

* * *